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New Leadership at WSRP – Congratulations, Caleb Heimlich

The regular quarterly meeting of the Washington State Republican Party’s state committee met in Moses Lake on Saturday, January 20.  The budget was adopted and by law housekeeping changes adopted.  The main topic of discussion was the election of a new chairman, prompted by the recent resignation of Susan Hutchison which will be effective on February 4.

Susan has done a remarkable and memorable job during her 5 years in office, leading many of us to comment that she has been the best chairman we have had for many years.

From a field of four who vied for the position, congratulations go to Caleb Heimlich.   A product of home-schooling, Caleb graduated Magna Cum Laude from Hillsdale College and attended the 2010, 2012 and 2016 state conventions.  He has served on the staff at WSRP for 7 years, and as Executive Director for 5 years under Chairman Hutchison.  He will seamlessly take over her reins, and we are lucky to have him as he could easily have obtained a position in many other states.

Grant County did a marvelous job of hosting the meeting which was complete with door prizes, sampling of agriculture products produced in its county as well as literature about the diversity of products manufactured in Grant county.  The Grant County Lincoln Day Dinner will be February 10 in Moses Lake, and I hope residents of Lincoln County will turn out for it because it is an event well worth attending.  I have attended several times and am always glad I did.

Carol Paul, Chairman
Lincoln County Republicans



A Parting Word from WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison

On the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s Inauguration, the Washington State Republican Party celebrates his remarkable accomplishments.  Take a look:
The ABC’s of President Donald Trump’s First Year!
A – America First: Doing what’s best for Americans!

B – Border Security: Illegal Immigration at record lows!

C – Consumer Confidence: At a 17-year high!

D – Defense Budget: Rebuilding our military!

E – Energy Independence: No longer dependent on foreign oil!

F – Federal Judges: Record number appointed who respect the Constitution!

G – Gorsuch: Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court!

H – Healthcare: Repealing the individual mandate!

I – Infrastructure: Renewed focus on rebuilding our transportation and energy grids!

J – Jerusalem: Moving the US Embassy to the capital of Israel!

K – Kim Jung Un: Can’t manipulate this President!

L – Labor Market: 2.2 million new jobs created!

M – MS-13: Gangs arrested and deported!

N – North Korea: Tough talk followed by action!

O – Opioid Crackdown: Declared a State of Emergency!

P – Paid Family Leave: Help for struggling families!

Q – Quit the Paris Climate Accord: No more meaningless grandstanding!

R – Regulatory Reform: Two gone for every new one!

S – Stock Market: It’s soaring!

T – Tax Reform: Returning money to working families’ pockets!

U – Unemployment: At record lows especially for people of color!

V – V.A.: Veterans are finally getting the help they need!

W – War on Terror: ISIS and the Caliphate have been decimated!

X – Xi Jinping: The Chinese President now respects America!

Y – Yuge progress: The President’s first year is historically successful!

Z – ZZZZZ: Sleep well, Americans, MAGA is real!

As for 2018, we say to the Democrats “bring it on.” 

Susan Hutchison
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

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