Lincoln Day Dinner

The 2018 Lincoln Day Dinner is scheduled for Sunday, February 25 at the Davenport Memorial Hall in Davenport.  Doors open at 4PM.

Tickets are $32/ adult and $26/students, on sale NOW at Leffel Otis and Warwick offices in Davenport, Odessa and Wilbur, and Family Foods in Davenport.  

We will be treated, again, to a presentation by the Reardan High School FFA debate team.  This years topic is “WA’s Legal Cannabis: Economic high times or a great idea up in smoke?”.  LC Sheriff Wade Magers will address the group with updates on current affairs, with reference to the possible “pot shop” to open in Davenport.  Stay tuned!          

Legislators from Olympia will address the group with an update on Hirst (water issues) and other important topics.

LAKEVIEW CATERING will present a delicious chicken/beef dinner with accompaniments, including cheesecake!

GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY!  Ticket sales end Wednesday, February 21.  Don’t wait to the last minutes – the caterers need a head count!


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