A Parting Word from WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison

On the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s Inauguration, the Washington State Republican Party celebrates his remarkable accomplishments.  Take a look:
The ABC’s of President Donald Trump’s First Year!
A – America First: Doing what’s best for Americans!

B – Border Security: Illegal Immigration at record lows!

C – Consumer Confidence: At a 17-year high!

D – Defense Budget: Rebuilding our military!

E – Energy Independence: No longer dependent on foreign oil!

F – Federal Judges: Record number appointed who respect the Constitution!

G – Gorsuch: Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court!

H – Healthcare: Repealing the individual mandate!

I – Infrastructure: Renewed focus on rebuilding our transportation and energy grids!

J – Jerusalem: Moving the US Embassy to the capital of Israel!

K – Kim Jung Un: Can’t manipulate this President!

L – Labor Market: 2.2 million new jobs created!

M – MS-13: Gangs arrested and deported!

N – North Korea: Tough talk followed by action!

O – Opioid Crackdown: Declared a State of Emergency!

P – Paid Family Leave: Help for struggling families!

Q – Quit the Paris Climate Accord: No more meaningless grandstanding!

R – Regulatory Reform: Two gone for every new one!

S – Stock Market: It’s soaring!

T – Tax Reform: Returning money to working families’ pockets!

U – Unemployment: At record lows especially for people of color!

V – V.A.: Veterans are finally getting the help they need!

W – War on Terror: ISIS and the Caliphate have been decimated!

X – Xi Jinping: The Chinese President now respects America!

Y – Yuge progress: The President’s first year is historically successful!

Z – ZZZZZ: Sleep well, Americans, MAGA is real!

As for 2018, we say to the Democrats “bring it on.” 

Susan Hutchison
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

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