“The World is Ruled by Those Who Show Up”

This quote has been used by political activists for years, first appearing in print in the 1980’s. In Washington state, it means we need to turn out even more Republicans from the Red Counties in order to turn back the liberal tide from Puget Sound.

The Lincoln County Republican Central Committee is organized to promote excellence in our government, to educate party members and the general public about local, state and national issues, and to provide a forum within Lincoln County for those constituents sharing the traditional values of our republic. In addition, the LCRCC intends to influence the government at all levels through whatever means are legally available. The primary method of influence is recognized to elect Republican candidates, and adopt and implement coordinated plans and actions to carry out the purposes set forth above.”

We are ACTIVELY recruiting Precinct Committee Officers throughout the county. There are 46 precincts, with only 12 Precinct Committee Officers. Is there a precinct position calling you?


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